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    Kona True

Kona True farm is located on the side of the active volcano Mauna Loa, in the Kona district, on the Big Island of Hawaii, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  The volcano brings our coffee trees clouds and sweet shade in the afternoon, and the ocean brings the gentle breezes.  Together they create the micro-climate that makes Kona one of the best premium specialty coffees of the world.

Our coffee is truly handcrafted.  We hand pick the red coffee cherry at the peak of ripeness.  As the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean, that day’s cherries are washed, sorted, and their pulp removed.  The seed of the cherry is then left to soak overnight in fresh water.  The next morning the coffee beans are rinsed, and laid out for drying.  During the drying process, we continue to remove beans that aren’t perfect.  Once dry, the beans are stored in a new jute bags.  After you make your purchase, we removed the paper husks from the coffee bean, and sort the beans again.  Then we roast the coffee in small batches, package, and ship the coffee to you.

We never use poisons, herbicides, or fungicide on our farm.  We only use organic fertilizers and our grass clippings to feed the coffee.  It is more work, and the quantity we can grow is far less, but the results are worth it!

Our coffee is not GMO.  Our mature trees are old-stock arabica coffee trees known as Kona typica, and our new trees are grown from their seeds.  There are a variety of fruit, nut, and flowering trees on the farm to provide food and shelter for the birds and lizards who help us by eating insects.

Our coffee is direct from farmer (us) to coffee lover (you).  We live here, work here, play here, and drink our coffee.  What is important to us is healthy ecosystems, sustainable methods, and superior coffee.

We sell two roast types in two sizes:

  • Medium roast is chocolate brown in color with very light oil on the surface.  You can taste the character of the farm with this roast.  It is clean, light, fruity, and delicate.  It has more caffeine than the dark roast.  This is our most popular roast.
  • Dark roast is very dark brown color with an oily surface.  You taste the strong, rich flavor of the caramelization of the roast.  It is strong but not bitter.  It has less caffeine than the medium roast.

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We’re roasting now.  Our coffee was a finalist in the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival cupping competition in the Artisanal Division: Heritage profile.  We’re a small farm that does things the traditional way, resulting in a coffee that tastes like the Kona coffee which created Kona coffee’s reputation.  Try some!

Kona True

In medium and dark roast
Our Kona True coffee.

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