About Us

  • Farmer Bill with his Kona Coffee blooms.
    Farmer Bill with his Kona Coffee blooms.

Our Kona True Coffee Estate

Kona True is a traditional, family farm.  Our family-owned and family-operated farm is on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the Kona Coffee belt.  Our business is Kona coffee.  It is hard work, but we love it.  We do everything from planting to packaging.

Mission:  To make a delicious cup of coffee and beautiful planet.

No insecticide
No herbicide
No fungicide

Just lots of love and hard work.

Our Kona True Farm

We grow Kona coffee to sell; and for our family to eat and enjoy we grow mangoes, macadamia nuts, coconut, papaya, avocados, breadfruit, guava, noni, two kinds of oranges, lemons, limes, black pepper, chili peppers, tomatoes, aloe, three kinds of basil, oregano, lemon grass, and pineapple.  We continue to plant new plants for the future, like poha berry, miracle berry, galangal, ginger, lilikoi, star fruit, lychee, and dragon fruit.  We added ornamental flowers and plants to make us smile.

Our Kona True Free Time

When we are not farming and roasting, we appreciate roaming our wondrous island.  Our favorite adventure is snorkeling in the Hawaiian waters of the Pacific Ocean.  We video and photograph the animals that live here.  We enjoy sharing the experience.

Before becoming Kona coffee farmers, we had more time to travel, write, take photos, and make videos (all things we love to do).  We share some of that on Travel Gravy, which is our blog about our travels.  You’ll also find some of Bill’s videos there, on the Kona True Facebook page, and a few on our Kona True YouTube channel.

Engela 2017

Our Journey to Kona True

The long journey which brought us from Texas to Hawaii is chronicled in Engel’s story “Water Child.”

Kona True
Kona True coffee beans in the parchment.