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This year we grew the best oranges I’ve ever eaten. Also there were so many oranges (even after taking them to school and sharing them with my second grade class), that I made organic marmalade. Only three ingredients: our oranges, some organic sugar, and a couple of lemons. The oranges were so sweet, that I didn’t add much sugar. It took a couple of days of picking the fruit, peeling it, slicing the zest into tiny strips, juicing the oranges, then cooking and canning the results.

I had plans to split the batch and flavor it with our Hawaiian chili peppers, and a batch with our ginger; but it was so good that I just left it simple. I didn’t even know I loved marmalade. I have eaten it often now on pieces of our fresh organic coconut instead of bread. It is better than candy.

While making the marmalade, I thought of my grandmother often and her annual gifts of pear and peach preserves, which she made from fruit from her trees and love from her heart. They were always received with much anticipation and joy.

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Fruits of Kona True

Navel Oranges

Not sure exactly what type of orange this is. These oranges are easy to peel, seedless and seem to come in multiple sizes. The tree has gone crazy this year. It usually didn’t produce ripe fruit until December or January. This year we have ripe fruit here in September. It looks like it will continue through to December. Three years ago it looked like it was on its last leg, but has come back strong and healthy. As soon as it is done fruiting, it will get a hard pruning.